• Spreading our dogs, on facebook, between friends ... you never know who may be interested in adopting a pet.
  • Placing one of our piggy banks in your business to raise funds.
  • Adopting, raising awareness among people not to buy dogs and helping enlarge Mafia indiscriminate breeding of dogs (more information sinhogar.mallorca@hotmail.this is and outside mallorca contact )
  • Being shelter, prevents are in kennels and look after them at home until you find a home. (more information or by calling 692668227)
  • voluntary: You can join our group of volunteers helping in many ways:
    -in our markets or fairs, events ...
    -walking the dogs, in maintenance and cleaning, bañándolos ...
    -making transfers (more information voluntarios.shm @ or by calling 692659870)
  • Sponsor one of our animals (more information or by calling 692668208)
  • Contribution: making a donation to account number SA NOSTRA 2051 0059 90 1070006675 and concept: contribution + name

There are many ways to help us continue our work! Do not turn your back!

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