Sponsor a dog

Sponsor a dog

What's sponsor?

Sponsoring give us to bear the costs of maintenance and vet involving our rescued animals while waiting with us a permanent home

What constitutes?

Is to provide an amount of money (which each can) monthly for the maintenance of an animal. In return we will send the updated information, pictures of your sponsored dog and will keep you informed of everything related to it. If you miss it adopted soon and I will contact you the option to sponsor one of our dogs to wait a home and need your help.

Why is it important for your help?

Sponsors are very important people to HOMELESS MALLORCA with your help we can continue rescuing dogs and cats still waiting for their opportunity in deplorable conditions.
The duration of sponsorship is until the godparent want. If you can not keep sponsoring more dogs for any reason, I just have to tell us this.

I can sponsor??

If you can not adopt an animal or temporarily host it at your house you can sponsor him! With that you can assist in the costs of power, medication, pipettes and medical intervention if necessary to him.


More information on email [email protected] or tel. 692668208

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