Helps Homeless Mallorca with veterinary bills


Homeless owes over Mallorca 2000 euros in veterinary bills only in one of three veterinarians who help us in our daily work.

We've been trying for months to sufragarlo, but we have been unable due to some complicated cases we have had to advance, as are the three operations Greg, was that of all of 1000 euros we paid but we left dragging other things included in this bill; elbow operation Amy, still recovering after several months; income of nearly a fortnight of Anima, finally fallecío the cause of Moquillo; Abu, blind and toothless grandfather finally died; income continued during several months of the litters rescued, one in nature park and the other in the street, with continuous virus and parvos; three leishmaniasis up and all vaccines, chips, castrations, drugs, Analytical, primers, … that we have been using at the entrances of dogs Kennel Petra with which we are still, until 30 April, forced to take dogs entering.

The absence from almost October fairs and markets to which, Thanks to good weather, here we go this weekend, have made us the debts increase and not among any money.

Adoptions, as you all know are only to pay the bills of the dogs that are adopted, but those who are still homeless also have put their veterinary routines.

We are drowning. Let's get started with this bill, thinking the Vet Clinic. Palmanyola, similar, can go with liquidating the fairs in the coming months, but we can all.

We have stopped the entry of dogs, and entering, is because someone paid all expenses, because we've had to say, ¡BASTA!

We appreciate any cooperation however small. Or we can not continue our work.

If you can bring something, you can do in this No.. Account: GRUPO BMN SA NOSTRA 0487 – 2059- 26 – 9000018213

You can also become a member from 5 USD per month, or sponsor one of our dogs.

Thanks. Please widest dissemination.


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