Conditions of issue

If you've opted to take you have to consider several things:


Adopt is a responsible and important decision and if you've decided to take it must be consistent with your decision. Remember that animals are living beings who need to cover their physical and psychological needs. Having a pet means monthly cost of food and veterinary, daily exercise and companionship by their owners. If you adopt remember they are dogs or cats that have suffered neglect in his life, abuse and rejection and that you have the opportunity to make them happy, to comply with them as adoptive (they always make you) and take responsibility for it for the rest of his life.


Adoption Conditions

1) Contact us through our e-mail [email protected], (or contact us online through the web page) saying which dog or cat you like. We will try to respond as soon as possible to your requests and we will inform you everything you need to know.

2) Fill out the adoption form, so we can get to know you better and appreciate many things. It is very important to read it carefully and to answer honestly. After we receive it, we will get back in touch with you. Don´t forget to fill out the personal data section.

3) We will do a pre-adoption visit, to check if the pet you want to adopt is compatible with your home, family and daily life. Sometimes we want a dog so bad, but then we realize that we cannot offer the best environment for that specific pet. We just want to make sure it will be happy in its new home.

4) You will take the dog / cat home for a few days, this way you can be 100% sure that it is the ideal pet for you, that it gets along well with other family members and other pets you may have. Once the adoption is fully decided, we will make a contract, change the owner chip and the dog/cat will be handed over definitely.


Important Information to adopt one of our dogs or cats:

How we deliver our dogs and cats? (Included in the adoption fee)

– Immunizations

– Chip: All our animals adopted out chip lead as something necessary in case of loss and that is stipulated by law.

– Desparasitados: Externally and internally

– Castrated: Both dogs and cats, adult males and adult females are delivered spayed / neutered to prevent future illness, unwanted litters and tranquility for the dog and the adopter. We must all collaborate in alleviating overcrowding of dropouts and super canine and feline population. In the case of the puppies will be delivered with commitment sterilization / future castration

– Those over 1 year are given a test of leishmaniasis and puppies undergoing an analytic of "Parvovirus" and "Coronavirus" if they show symptoms of these diseases.


Important Information to adopt

How do we give our dogs and cats? (Included in the adoption fee)

– Fully vaccinated till date

– chip: this is necessary in case it gets lost and it´s also mandatory by law.

– Wormed: externally and internally

– Sterilization: Both dogs and cats, adult males and females are neutered / spayed before the adoption to prevent future diseases or unwanted litters, and to improve the dog´s health and the adopter`s confindence. We all have to colaborate to stop overpopulation of dogs and cats. Regarding puppies, they will be given with sterilization commitment .

– A Leishmaniasis test will be performed on dogs over one year old, and Parvovirus and Coronavirus tests on puppies, whenever they show any symptoms of these diseases.
Why should spay / neuter?

Spaying / neutering is an important decision we take to avoid unwanted litters, the cria ilegal, Bounce overcrowding and disease prostate or breast arising in dogs and cats from certain age. Do not imagine yourself how many puppies we found stranded unwanted litters, leavers are very many and very few survive but find someone to rescue them. Illegal trade cria is a very booming and that is not allowed unless you are accredited breeder. Unduly commercialize animals is something that goes against their rights. Also diseases are avoided with this procedure and is a way to extend the life of your pet. Finally this decision is good for both parties, for both the dog / cat to the adopter, because they live more relaxed and avoid stress they have in the mating season and his character in general.

If you are interested in adopting one of the animals In Adoption to fill the pre-adoption form please click HERE

Why should spay / neuter?


Spaying / neutering is an important decision we take to avoid unwanted litters, illegal breeding, massive dropouts and prostate or breast diseases arising in dogs and cats after a certain age. You cannot even imagine the number of puppies of unwanted litters left out there, and only a few can survive if they are not rescued. The illegal breeding trade is increasing everyday. Commercializing and marketing with animals goes against their rights. Also, diseases are avoided by this procedure and it is a way to make the pet´s life longer. Finally taking this decision has benefits and advantages for both parts: the dog / cat and the adopter, because they will live much more relaxed and stress-free , specially during the mating season.

If you are interested in adopting, you just need to HERE and fill out the pre-adoption form.


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