Fiesta Birthday SHM

A year, ya son tres, which will celebrate since we started this journey. And so, let's have a party Flower Power in the association pro where I hope to see you.

There will be fun for the little ones, for dogs, and for you. In the dudes that this will be a special day for all.

Will actuations and activities, by volunteers and professionals altruistically so we can all enjoy this day to raise money for the cause that keeps us here, standing, daily. Thanks to all, from here.

10h: The doors open and the feast begins.

10.30h: Crafts Workshop for kids, which will run during the morning, with various activities. We also accompany Feet and Legs, Canine Education, Who will speak on Adoption, When adopting?, How to choose a dog?, tips when the dog comes home, adopting an adult dog?, the elderly dog?

11.30h while the kids are entertained with the workshop, older immerse us in a world of laughter with laughter therapy workshop by Christina Moreno, that, Following the success of last year, repeat experience.

12h: Aida Cortecero come to do a talk on “Vegan Life” to understand more the concept of veganism, struggle and charisma for anyone who is curious or need support in their decision.

13.30h – 15.30Lunchtime h, with a special vegan menu for all attendees:

* The vegetable paella Pasta Salad + fruit salad. Price x menu: 5.50 euros. Drink buying al Sa Possessió bar, whose sales are in respect of venue hire.

Both at lunch and during the day, DJ Tomeu Comellas liven us with their experience by moving to the years 60/70/80, themed party.

16.30educational h Talk by Jaime Llabrés, where you can ask all the questions that concern you with your dog. Next, veterinary emergency if not prevent, veterinary collegiate Serveis Veterinaris Ciutat d'Inca us answer your questions about the health of your dog: diseases, leishmaniosis, castration… etc..

17h Presentation by Beatriz Díez Mayens, presenter Canal4, Canine Competition where your dog can participate, with a donation of 1.50 euros, to qualify for one of three awards will be distributed in the following categories:

* the friendliest
* the most elegant
* the more pillín

Then do the Parade Competition adopted dogs SHM 2014, with the category of:

* the most adorable

17.30h The Pirouette, repeated, after the wonderful show that we presented last year, stepping punchy flamenco bar and color, with flamenco and power.

Younger, next to the castle, a clown will bring them their best smiles.

18.30h Onion Rabbits, Majorcan group, we present their work, enlivening the evening, demonstrating that when there is desire and effort, dreams are achieved.

19.15Great Batukada h with Drums for Peace.

19.30h Final Raffle with over 30 great prizes!! and New Party by DJ Tomeu Comellas.

There will be the following Stands:

* Market supportive of SHM
* Toñy Acosta
* Bárbara López Forder
* Looking hearth orejotas
* Spap Mallorca
* Handicrafts Cris.

* Benito Llucia give us massages at derisory prices for SHM in the relaxation room, which will be accompanied by Trini and Maria José, teaching you and for you to try Mary Kay products that will bring out your skin game.

* Kangaroos Mallorca, Kangaroo tus for furry, stand to be with her will show her solidarity work with SHM.

* Photo OBHY, Daniela Monica Monserrat Vivern will photocall separate recording and photographing the event with his seal of professionalism.

* Art prints will also be recording their chips all day for your dog is safer.

* Marion Doñaque be with her face painting kit for the little ones enjoy their fantasies.

* We surprise visit during various times of the day Mickey and Minnie Mouse !!! So you can take a picture with them and enjoy unforgettable.

* Bouncy castle all day for younger thanks to Bouncy Castles Rental Mallorca.

* Table artisan food you give you a taste of the pecking, picnic… If you want to bring something, either salty or sweet, off admission and a toll free number for the raffle.

* Sweepstakes, a children's tombola,Muuuuuuuuuuuuuchas things and you do not we will reveal… await!!! Are you going to lose?


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