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In June 2011 Homeless Mallorca started with the idea of ​​creating a Facebook page ) for the dissemination of abandoned dogs, dog about to sacrifice in kennels Island, Rescued Dogs by private, stray dogs ... to facilitate decision in most cases published. We started 4 girls, we met doing volunteer work in the “Kennel Son Reus”, the pound of Palma, facilitábamos adopters where the most urgent cases in danger of slaughter, did photographs for publication in facebook for dissemination of these cases and we gave information to interested adopters of which was her best way. We collaborated with various partnerships to rescue dogs from this kennel and when we decided to form Homeless Mallorca think this resort not only in but also in other kennels Mallorca to continue making voluntary.

Within weeks Homeless Mallorca gained followers in facebook page, also creating our website and particularly welcoming some cases reached us to give them up for adoption. Slowly we create a network of foster homes to house stray dogs and dedicating mainly to street dogs, abandoned the lost, to provide su adoption. Also we picked cases of past dogs in kennels where term sacrifices, of unwanted litters, individual ... always parallel with the homeless street.


It is impossible to help them all, but we try to give everyone dissemination and adoption occur in high assurance that these dogs will not again suffer abandonment or loneliness; or humiliation or abuse; a decent home and suitable for them. Our idea is to collect as many dogs but you can always give them a quality of life while they are with us or in our shelters. Dogs come to us when they undergo a veterinary examination, they put the chip (if you do not take), internally dewormed against intestinal tapeworms.
June 2012 we celebrated our anniversary I Homeless Mallorca, undertaking a more mature stage with a new addition of new members, in collaboration with the City of Petra, providing us with a shelter or facility where you can move the dogs we have now and that will be appearing in the area of ​​Petra, taking care of her rescue, maintenance and adoption. Yet we maintain our ever-expanding network of foster homes valued, making an unparalleled work, hard and grateful at the same time, with our flea perros.xternamente, Garrapata y leishmaniosis. Vaccines were put, control tests are made of various diseases and castrated. And this is what we charge only when we deliver on adoption. We gain nothing in adoptions and economically we source from partners, donations and the flea markets and fairs which usually go on weekends to raise money to keep them in top conditions and regulations. We also have a strong group of volunteers who help us with the clean, toilets, rides, events ...     



  "If you forget your sufrimiento, I will remember. If you do not understand, yo te traduzco. You can shut, but as long as we live, we SPEAK FOR THEM "


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