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Charity market: books, clothing, ons,…

Also, these companies give us a % of their sales to buy a product if you say you're going on our side!! :

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Personalized homemade cakes, Classic and fondant! hechas a mano y toodo comestible, various fillings to choose!!

Donativo SHM: 15% earnings

Stuffed several to choose: chocolate oreo, foam chocolate blanco o negro, strawberry, flan, cream, lemon cream, fresh milk to your liking ...!

Foreign lacasitos, figurines of wafer, of Conguitos, fondant figurines handmade custom ...!

Jana cakes ... very supportive and very sweet. He says you part of SHM!!

John: 659.043.184


There are many more photos, visita el facebook:

o web:

Price: Each photo Size Poster (Dina 3) 7€.
Offer Price: 2 Poster size photos (Dina 3) 12€.
Price OFERTON: 4 Poster size photos (Dina 3) 20€!!
Photo Folio Size Price (Dina 4): 4€ Unit.

TELEPHONE: 628.812.864.!





Bottle: 7€
Donativo a SHM: 20%

Craft virgin olive oil like it was going, limited production.
Have little more than 5 hectares of olive varieties Arbequina and Picual in Petra. Riquísimo!!
The oil is first pressed, Cold, unfiltered to preserve all its qualities. The olives are hand picked at optimum ripeness.
[email protected]
Loss. Order: 600 215 609

Orders that are made homeless through mallorca get to the partnership a 20% sale as a donation for our animals.

Lucia Benito, Palma de Mallorca. Quiromasajista.

Massage is a technique that dates back centuries ago, used by early peoples as Greece, China, India among others, that passed from generation to generation through later civilizations.

To my, Massage, It is a lifestyle and health both spiritual and physical-mental.
"Whoever guards his body, cultivars of mind "or" Mens sana in corpore sano ".
The world of massage is very broad and varies greatly from person to person and their needs. No one massage for everyone, namely, a massage is customized for each body and need, although all massage from a base.

Aromatics - Relaxing € 25
Descontracturantes - Sports 20/30 €
Prevention (especially for the 3rd age) 15/20€
APPOINTMENT: 971 274 083
Quiromasajista titulada.
For each partner / voluntary / adopter ask for some kind of service they donate to Sin Hogar Mallorca € 3 minimum donation as.

Between the massages I offer can be found:

Relaxing Massage or Aromatic:
Relieving Massage and Sports. (with the oil without)
Thai Massage.

[spoiler (optional parameters go here)] Relaxing Massage or Aromatic: This is, surely, the type of massage we all know and have in mind. It can be done in a stretcher or ground, with scented oils without the. It is a relaxing massage with intensity and speed may vary according to customer needs and the purpose for which we want to: relax the body and mind; or opposite, stimulate the body to feel more active.
The latter can be used to activate the circulatory system and the body of a person who needs to "wake up" your energy (athletes before training or competition, people with low moods, people with poor circulation or are long standing or sitting, etc.) using scents that trigger the body and mind. That's why I prefer to call it aromatic, because depending on the resources you use an end is achieved or other.
This massage is recommended for all types of people (Pregnant from 4 months, provided with medical consent)
Relieving Massage and Sports. (with the oil without)
The relieving massage is designed to relax the muscles and the affected area descontracturar. Medium to high intensity, is usually combined with the sports that is to increase strength after some stretching of shortened muscles.
This massage is suitable for anyone in general, especially athletes and people subjected to physical stress. Highly recommended step of stretching to lengthen shortened muscles possible. (Pregnant single phase stretching, from the first month, always with the consent of medical)
Massage prevention: This massage is based on exercises and massage to prevent ailments such as rheumatism, muscle aches, arthritis, mobility problems.
Suitable for all those who want to prevent and care for your muscles and joints, as those who already have the condition (from 40 years to seniors, physician indicating).
Thai Massage. This massage is performed without oil on the floor and clothes. It consists of a pressure and stretching on strategic energy points in our body. High intensity, it may even hurt, but worth suffering a few minutes just to get the results of total relaxation, heaviness, fatigue; but the next day you feel refreshed after sleep and rest. Hence, I recommend this massage for the evening.
Friends and family to try this oriental massage, "Suffered", pain felt in some areas, but the amazing thing is that to see the results and how they felt the next day wanted to repeat! and return to "spend a little bad then if I have to feel good" (as they say).
I recommend it for all kinds of people. Especially, recommended to those people with low moods, fatigue, exhaustion, with stress, muscle stiffness. Not suitable for pregnant.
Massage also is indicated for musculoskeletal disorders may be as kyphosis, arthrosis and arthritis, constipation, headaches, sciatica, etc.. [/spoiler]



In Naisdei do many things, Felt and all are. These things are intended to be Original, Tools, Beautiful and Affordable. For every order that Haga from Sin Hogar Mallorca in llegar a donation. Consulta su web




If you want to get a massage and you request to Lluc Marina and if you say you're from Homeless Mallorca give us a portion of what you pay as a donation.



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