A euro can save lives

**** A Euro can save Many Lives!! – 2015 ****

1 Euro

This year, start with an interesting campaign to help more protective than requiring veterinary settle debts due to different rescues.

We begin with Homeless Mallorca which has a debt of over € 6000

Homeless Mallorca is an association that has been active since June 2011 with more than 400 rescue dogs behind in their 3 and a half years of life.

This year has rescued 150 dogs, of which 120 have already found a family.

The various veterinary expenses to ensure the perfect health of dogs for adoption and delivering special treatment, and testing operations, outweigh the costs covering the adopter, therefore, there is always a negative economic difference to the Association that sums and accumulates.

Nowadays, that happens with ALL partnerships, as many times, take many months to leave adopted dogs and every dog ​​has a cost of living 100% funded by the associations.

NO Association receive a penny of state, everything is collected for donations, Events and partners.

That's why we conduct annual campaigns… today is for Homeless Mallorca, next year will be to another and so trying to ease the burden that associations have their backs!!

How can you participate to donate a Euro?

It is very easy.

Enter the following link goo.gl/forms/6hYUwKFAjE and fill in the form, We do not have to leave your name more details, email, area where you live and little else.

In the course of the year we point Meetups by area to know when we are near yours to let you approach your contribution.

We'll go with Perroneta hociquera traveling around the island all year euro both seeking your help to keep going!!

Thank you!!!

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