Solidarity walk back


Canino will do a walk through Playa de Palma
They are all invited to come with their dogs and who do not have dogs too, and we'll bring some of those who have for adoption and need hands free to carry those straps!!
We also invite our shelters are encouraged to come with the little sun we are careful as any other Association to bring some of the dogs in their shelters !!…
The idea is that we meet again and we know (that we do not know), our dogs are known and mostly we spend a lovely afternoon with our furry friends!!
We will meet in the Illa de Rodes Street in Garden City (and more details will be on the wall of the event), We will from 16:45hs taking donations and giving information on our work and any association that wants to come to give information about their work, you can do it without problems!!, maybe you can also be part of Homeless Mallorca or other association, that like us, ensure the good of our doggy friends, catlike or other.
I need, since we only have a few weeks to, You can bring the brand supermarket (Compy Mercadona eg) and small bags of no more than 10kg please, Collars and leashes also need, any type of items that can be sold in our solidarity markets (Champús, Blankets, Chuches, Cribs, Bones, etc.…), we have a piggy bank in hand, all helps us to continue this hard work and pure exclusively for them, the main protagonists, our Beloved peludines!
At 17:30 we will head to Garden City Beach and walk towards the Playa des Carnatge, pass through it (not go down to around) until the end of the ride (where are COMIENZA Gypsy dialect of fall), then back in the direction we were coming and to go back to the beaches allowed dogs, we stop and go down to await the sunset with our furry that may be loose and free on the beach, right there try to take a beautiful photo of all participants and then departure headed for Garden City to return to our homes!!!
We hope you!!!

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